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ELJOJOFE target groups:

ElJoJoFe eV initiates and supports projects on bio-dynamic growing and processing and preservation of agricultural products in Ethiopia (East Africa). The association has set itself the task to provide technology, know-how and the necessary means of production for ethiopian small farmers and marginalized groups of the urban population.

Chairman: Christiane Roessler.
Field work coordination: Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie.

Christiane Roessler.

Procedure: The starting point is the consideration that ecological farming will bring sustainability to the population and provides high-quality products. So far, the processing / preservation of agricultural products in Ethiopia is little. The reasons for this is different tradition and problems in transport, marketing and sales. Thus the seasonal agricultural products are used only for immediate use daily-used and unnecessary surplus spoils.

ElJoJoFe eV goal is to build small enterprises, agricultural products processing and marketing. So far there is first success in the production of jam and syrup. The necessary physical investments are relatively small (e.g. a few thousand euros are needed two buy glasses for jam). The final effect is significant: currently about 15 people work in a factory for their own income.