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ElJoJoFe e.V. projects are mainly dealing with organic farming, processing and marketing of fruits and vergetables. The goal is to increase the income of the Ethiopian organic farmers and to give access to food for all Ethiopians.

ElJoJoFe e.V. focus on the following key areas:

1.We transfer know how to organic farmers that are marginalized in Ethiopia to increase their production, processing and marketing a quality organic product for the Ethiopian and regional market. Our first action in Addis Ababa was to establish a very small-scale manufacture for jams, juice, dry fruits etc. It is aimed that all conservation steps can be carried out by local manpower and without the need for sophisticated or expensive equipment.

2.We organise micro-credits for installing processing and marketing of organic products. We work closely with organic farmers that are organized in associations.

3.We link organic farmers with staff who is trained and professional in food processing and marketing. The aim is to get food production running. By March 2008, a total of about 50 people in Ethiopia had received training from our ElJoJoFe experts and by one of our partner organization (company Ecopia)in processing products ranging from jams, juice, pickles and dairy productions.

4.We help people living with HIV to participate in organic farming and processing their own healthy food.

5.We help poor communities to access simple effective technologies that can change lifes forever.

6. Another key aspect of our activities is to produce organic food that fulfills national and international food safety and processing regulations. Also the products should meet the market requirements and give real opportunities for significant sale of products.

Ethiopia is a large country with over 80 million people of which the majority or 85 percent are engaged in rural and organic agricultural based economic activities. A major hindrance of continuous food supply in Ethiopia is not lack of food or bad climate conditions, but lack of knowledge on how to process, conserve and transport food.

Ongoing and planned projects: Project: Training of small farmers in bio-dynamic agriculture
supported by german thrust "Stiftung Nord Süd Brücken" (www.nordsuedbruecken.de) with 5.400 Euro
Start: 06/2008-05/2009

Project: Biodynamic organic seedlings and green houses for organic farmers in Ethiopia
Eljojofe seedlings

Project: Transport and conservation